Computational Linguistics and Language Technology

(Major subject 90)

Degree program: Bachelor of Arts

General description

This Bachelor's Degree major in Computational Linguistics and Language Technology deepens insight into the fundamental problems, questions and methods of solution for the field of computational linguistics and language technology, as well as an in-depth analysis and adoption of the uses and applications of the theories. The course enables students to gain an academic understanding of the theoretical and practical foundations of computer science and information technology, and develops solid programming and software development knowledge in regards to various paradigms of computer programming and in the region of complex linguistic technological problem areas. The Bachelor's Degree prepares students with employment skills in the areas of publishing, library work, documentation and linguistic services, and in software production firms, especially in those in which a knowledge about computer- linguistic methodologies are required.

Admission requirements

The provisions laid out in the framework ordinance for Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Zurich, and the provisions defined in the pertinent program regulations apply, see (in German).

Branch of studies

Computer science, Linguistics

Specific requirements

No previous knowledge of Latin is assumed for the major subject computational linguistics and language technology.

ECTS credits



Bachelor of Arts UZH

Part-time studies

Part-time studies are possible.

Major/minor subject combinations

There are no restrictions on the choice of minor subjects, the only exception being a combination with the large minor subject computational linguistics and language technology and the small minor subject computational linguistics.


Information technology
Computational linguistics

Language of instruction

English, German